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Default 2007 Saturn Ion lost acceleration while on freeway

Ok so a little background... I have a 2007 Saturn Ion 2, and it's been quite a headache for me the past few weeks. At the beginning of the month I had an issue with it randomly dying on me out of nowhere. I was reversing out of a driveway, and the engine just died. Wouldn't start back up. Cranked but wouldn't turn over. Turned out to be the fuel pump. When I pulled the old pump out it was fried, so I replaced it with a new one, as well as a new filter and it worked fine until last night. I was driving on the freeway and suddenly my gas pedal wouldn't respond at all. Battery was still on but no power in the accelerator. Also, the battery light came on the dash panel. I pulled over, turned the car off, went to restart it and it wouldn't start. Cranked, but wouldn't turn over. Put my battery jump starter on, got it started and it stayed on, but when I went to drive it, same thing, no power in the pedal and I had to turn it off. Got it towed home and this morning when I went to test the battery, it turned on and I was able to reverse I to my driveway. Now it will start but I'm afraid to drive it. No codes are popping up and the battery light is gone from the dash. I'm at a loss here, I could really use some help, at least a place to start. Sorry for the super long post, but I wanted to make sure that the whole issue was clear. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me out here.
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