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2005 VUE 2.2L
Default Re: Won't Start after Clutch Replacement... Help!

Hi Guys!
Thanks for the quick Responses.

@waiter21 - Yep checked and verified ground connectors and continuity tested for engine ground on both engine/trans. Had the ECM ground fault issue before so have since run an additional ground wire to ECM checked and grounded. I've had the engine out before so i don't think that i got those connectors mixed up - but i'll check a 6th time for sure ! :-)

@fdryer - Yes fuel in rail so know pump is at least working. Too remove any thoughts about fuel i removed the Air intake and sprayed Starting Fluid right into the intake opening, That at the VERY least should give me some pops and misfires from the engine if the sparks are firing at all... but dead silent not a backfire or anything... that's how i decided it was no spark as the issue...

I figured even if by some odd chance the Throttle body and Fuel rail connections were mixed I should STILL get some response on Starting Fluid No ??? or would some internal check disable the coil packs from functioning?

Thats why i was trying to see if anyone had testing ideas for the Coil pack pinout if anything could even be tested on that??? Or what is the minimum set of connections that HAVE to be present for there to be spark at the plugs when turning it over?

I have another ECM from the previous engine swap i could try, but getting those connectors off sucks more often than not i break them....
So Frustrating it was running FINE before i did the Clutch replacement and all that work was mechanical parts installs - nothing electrical ! Grrrrrrrr Ugh ~
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