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Mad Airflow issue? Please help.

So I have a 2008 Astra which has had a code on it forever P1101. My dad who owned it says he replaced one of the sensors (least expensive one) so my guess is the MAP. I was feeling lazy so I took it to a shop and they said they found a leaking purge valve. Put in a new purge valve but still getting the code. Its also sometimes met with a P0068 code. And today after my wife drove it it also had a cylinder 3 Misfire code. We used to have misfires all the time until I changed the spark plugs. But now it's rare. Other symptoms include occasional sputtering (usually without a code) and now when the code is on it usually runs fine (before it was having a hard time accelerating) previous forum research suggests maybe I should clean the throttle body. However it was not clearly in bad shape when I looked at it. Airfilter also looks good. I'll probably clean the throttle body tomorrow just for the giggles so that leads me to a few questions.

Do I actually need to remove the full TB or can I hold it open without damaging it?

If not the throttle body any ideas on the issue?

Should I just run it into a wall?
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