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Default 3 important questions!!

I have a Saturn Ion 2, manual trans, and recently the coolant lights been on so I said screw it and bought a new thermostat and coolant reservoir. Since I am in that area anything else I should have my mechanic fix? what other parts should I buy.

Second question, what prices have my car gone for that you have seen? I have 145k miles on it and all fixes are done through my mechanic.

Third question, my sunroof is leaking, we have blown air through the hoses, still leaks all in the two side panels of my trunk, and the front passenger seat, its pissing me off and I'm buying new carpet for her this spring, my mechanic recommended me to just drill some holes in my trunk so it leaks out, but I figured there has gotta be a better fix to this problem, if you have any ideas of where to get parts to fix this or anything please let me know

Also this is my first post so I just wanted to say hi everyone glad to be on the forums.

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