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2006 ION-3 Quad Coupe
Cool Heater Core/ Air Conditioning Issues

Howdy All,

I have always found these forums helpful and am a fairly new Saturn owner, so it seemed a perfect fit.

Anyway, I have a 2006 Ion-3 with the suicide doors (which is one of the reasons I bought the car - I LOVE THEM!). It has the 2.2 and A/C...but recently, I've noticed a wet area on the passenger side under the glove box (signifying a potential Heater Core), but with very little coolant loss, if any at all.

Around the same time, while driving and A/C working seemingly fine, I get a weird smell and the A/C goes warm and never comes back cool again.

Are the Heater Core and A/C connected/related?

And if so, will replacing the Heater Core and recharging the A/C do the trick or is there more to it?

One last question, how hard is it to do?

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