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Default Re: Sl1 engine rebuild

Ok, second trip, motor now has 300 miles. There is still oil in the cooling system from back when the car blew head gasket during summer. Guess between heater core and radiator I didnít flush it all. On TODO list for Saturday.
Reservoir was low on coolant , temp gauge running at 1/2.
Threw a po1404, cleaned the egr, cleared fault. Backing into garage I saw oil light flicker. Strange, will hook up an oil gauge this weekend.( new oil pump btw)
Seemingly engine runs nice. Wondering if the machinist could have overlooked a crack in cylinder head? Didnít I hear the 99 sohc was prone to this? Not that I think there was a crack ,afaik , it just blew a head gasket.
Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, lol.
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