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Default Re: Sl1 engine rebuild

Pulled the valve cover last night, cam lobes look unblemished, couple drops of water under valve cover. Oil shows no water or coolant at all, it has been sitting for 15 hours, no separation, but is showing suspension of metal , that I can see while holding a strong drop light right next to it. Could not get a good photograph ,camera just would not show the oil clearly.
Spun motor by hand ,Motor turns over smoothly With no restrictions.
Based on oil alone, I am going to pull the engine, open it up for a better look.
Hoping damage will be limited to just the set of bearings.
I have not been yet able to verify if the correct head gasket was installed however based on the Fel-Pro part number I would say yes although I wonder if I missed something upon installation . Hope that was not a real newbie kind of move.
Question: do the rockers need to be pulled from the head to verify their integrity?
Ie back to machine shop?
I will update my progress
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