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Default Re: Sl1 engine rebuild

Thank you for the quick reply I have calmed down considerably . Sometimes I guess you just have to step off.
Yes I have kept the oil I did not put it into a glass container yet although I do not believe there is any coolant mix with the oil. Itís color could be from the Vaseline in the oil pump and the red lube I used on the journals.
Guess we will see when I let it settle out in a jar tomorrow.
Your suggestions of pulling the valve cover and taking off the serpentine belt are good ideas.
As to why coolant was not flowing in that part of the head is a curiosity. When I pulled the CTS to have a look it relieved pressure much as when you open say a soda bottle. Had that rushed sound of air being relieved . I started to think the head gasket was installed incorrectly but thatís not possible it only goes on one way.
I tried cranking the engine perhaps as many as 10 to 12 times, after the oil pressure light had gone out, but before the engine first fired. (Waiting for the starter to cool down. ) Thatís my thinking that I introduced a lot of fuel to the crank case. Twice the plugs were wet, before switching to new plugs.
Also wondering when I cleaned the intake manifold with brake clean ,if some of it had still remained inside? But Iím thinking that most of it probably should have flashed off. I blew it out with compressed air.
Shall I refill oil/re-prime , new filter and try again? After spinning by hand?
Crazy thing is car was running nice for that brief 15-20 minutes.

If motor has to come back out if noise persists it wonít be end of the world,
Just big pita.
Thank you many times for taking the time out to think about this. Russ
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