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Default Re: Sl1 engine rebuild

First thing to do is take a deep breath, then be thankful for all the good luck you do have. Yes, the bearings may be ruined, but they are not all that expensive and the crank is probably still OK. Changing bearings is not all that horrible a job.

I am wondering about the "flooding". What was the extent of that (symptoms) and what caused it? Bad, engine-damaging flooding is pretty rare with FI. Even back in the carb days damaging flooding was not common. And, I did have engines flood to the point of hydraulic lock and not get damaged enough to notice. Point is, we need to understand as well as possible to make the best guess of what to do next. Obviously, an engine tear-down for full inspection is the safest course of action; but I think you would like to avoid that if possible.

Likewise, there is concern about the coolant not seeming to circulate and the oil now being "different". The t-stat would not cause much problem, whether stuck open or shut, so lets ignore the t-stat. I hope you still have the oil you drained and can put it in a clear container to let it settle; see if it separates into distinct layers of oil and coolant.

I would remove the valve cover and turn the engine by hand, looking for anything obvious there. I would also remove the accessory drive belt and run it briefly with the belt off, see if the horrible noise is gone. That is a bit risky, though, as any running, if the noise is a rod coming loose, is a gamble. It is a risk I would take, but want you to be aware it is a risk...

There is also a chance the noise is in the clutch/trans (auto or manual), even a starter not full dis-engaging; but disassembly is going to be required to find something there.

I would also install a mechanical oil-pressure gauge to watch on the very next attempt to crank and start this engine.

I may be going off in the weeds here, but I am focused on your hints the oil may have been contaminated. If that is the case, further running of the engine could convert this from a "problem" to a "disaster".
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