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Default Sl1 engine rebuild

Just started my engine today after a rebuild.
Had the block honed, head serviced, everything checked and cleaned by machinist.Did the assembly myself with the factory shop manual, taking my time and triple checked everything as I progressed. Checked clearances, used torque wrench as required. Used assembly lube, packed the oil pump with Vaseline and pre-lubed as per Oldnuc procedure. When starting I had a flooding condition twice until I sorted that out corrected it and installed a fresh set of plugs .
Motor started ran about 1000 RPM then settle down into a nice idle I ran it this way for about 15 to 20 minutes.
Temperature gauge started to climb noticed I was not getting any coolant coming back around to the coolant tank via the small pipe from the far side of the engine.
Shut the car off decided to let it cool took the dog for a walk. Came back 90 minutes later double checked that I had installed the thermostat ,
started the car back up it started immediately. This time however it had a horrific sound as though something a tool for example had fallen down into the serpentine belt . shut it off immediately.
Investigated sound, found nothing mechanical happening, started it again the noise was still there. Shut it off immediately. Checked the oil which now smelled fuel diluted.
Shut it off within about 10 seconds dumped my oil which as I said smelled fuel diluted and looked a bit cloudy.
I have since pulled the oil filter and drained the oil.
Please advise have I damaged a bearing at this point? Right at this moment I am so disgusted I feel as though I need to throw in the towel what did I do?
Anyone please weigh in would be appreciated.
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