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Default Stuck on the cooling fan...

I have a 98 SL1 that runs hot, and I'm not sure the cooling fan is turning on (at least my daughter says it's not since she drives it ...). After searching this forum and the how-to's then checking the car, I know:

1. Jumpering the ECTS connector DOES NOT turn on the fan with the key at "run" and there is no voltage at the fan motor plug when checked with a meter.
2. The fan motor works (ran 12 volts directly to it), no blown fuses, and the relay works
3. There is 12 volts at the fan motor plug when checked by grounding the pin on the relay (from the manual fan switch how-to)
4. There is a good ground at the fan motor plug when checked with a meter
5. There is 5 volts at the ECTS connector with the key at "run"
6. The fan does not turn on with the AC (but I'm sure it needs recharging)
7. Resetting the computer (removed the negative cable from the battery) made no difference

I spent most of the day on this, and the info on this forum is great. I DID NOT change the ECTS since I don't think its the problem given #1 above. Any advice?
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