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Default Re: CEL Code Buffet.

Update. I deleted the codes and drove around and the check engine light immediately came back. I got in touch with a gm mechanic I went too trade school with. We both went through the diesel program and he came back and went through the auto program. I got a job working on Peterbilts. He used a gm specific data tool through a computer based software.

The code is p065e-04 which means the IMRC valve is stuck open, broken, inoperable. He command it to close and it never did. He said that this is most likely causing the p1101 because the air is taking longer to get to engine than what is programmed. P1101 came on in low torque load.

The coolant needs flushed but is reading fine and within range. O2 was deemed with within range.

The fix is too replace the intake manifold.

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