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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SC1 coupe has security issue

fdryer, First I want to thank you for the thorough explanation of how the security system works. Search as I might, I could never find a clear answer. So I took your advice and pulled the plugs to inspect them. The plugs were not soaked with gas but they were very blackened with soot. So I bought new plugs and wires and installed them but no change in my crank/no start situation. It seems now that the security light is doing something different now and I'm not sure when that changed. As I noted before, the ignition cylinder is totally missing and I'm using a screwdriver to turn the inner mechanism. First of all, when I unlock the door with the key, the door chimes as soon as I open the drivers door. Normally the key would have to be in the ignition or the lights left on for that to happen. Using the screwdriver, I am able to turn it all the way back to LOCK. Then 1 click forward to ACC. No dash lights at that stage but I do hear a click in from a relay in the passenger side fuse box. I assume it is from the fuel pump relay but I do not hear the pump activate. Then 1 click more to get to the RUN position and all the lights in the dash come on. That is when I can hear the fuel pump activate for a couple of seconds and then the relay clicks and the pump stops humming. When the pump is activating, the security light is on and then goes out when the pump stops humming. When I click forward into the start, I get the crank but no start. When I release it back to the RUN position, the pump hums again and I assume it is powering down like it normally did when I would turn the car off before, and the relay clicks when it stops. The security light also quickly flashes 5 times at that point and then stays on. I don't have a fuel pressure gage but am assuming the sound of the pump is an indicator that I do have pressure. If you have any more insight to what might be happening, it would be most appreciated. Also the door locks are acting strange ... when I use the auto door lock button to lock the doors, the locks close then pop right open again.
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