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Default Re: EGR blocked and drives fine...?

Sincere thanks for all of the responses...!

One other thing i did last night, fyi; remove and clean the secondary air pump hose (goes into the exhaust was ~90% plugged) and removed and checked the inline check valve, which was good.

The air pump did, when I bought the car (months ago), have water in it. I removed it and dumped the water out & re-installed.

Also, I'm not sure if this is important, however, will mention it. After turning the car off, there is a whirring sound....which sounds like something winding down. It's odd, and doesn't always happen, and my other gen 3 cars do not do this. It sounds like it's coming form the air pump?

So, per suggestion; I will pull one of the other known good EGR valves from a different car tonight to see if the problem goes away. I'm not hopefull, however, due to the fact that I had cleaned the one that was on the car (issues still present) and removed/cleaned/tested the one from my parts car too...which also did not fix the problem.
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