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Default Re: EGR blocked and drives fine...?

Originally Posted by mjm06 View Post
Hello - first post for me, been lurking for years. I've been lucky enough to have used threads before to fix many Saturn issues, however, just can't seem to get this one (below) together... I currently have 3 road-worthy Saturns and one parts car...all gen 3 SL2's.

The problem one;
I have a 2001 SL2 with an automatic transmission, about 203K miles.
I bought this for my teenage daughter to drive, knowing that it seemed to transmission problems. After doing all of the "So far I have" things below, it still tachs too high before it will shift gears, seems to be hunting for gears, and shudders at some speeds once it does find a gear. However, I currently have the EGR (brand new) blocked with a cut-out from an old license plate....and it shifts awesome and does not shudder... Any pointers and/or advice, beyond leaving the EGR blocked, would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

So far I have;
-new/rebuilt valve body in transmission
-tightened both axle nuts
-new oil and filter in transmission
-new spark plugs
-new EGR valve, after cleaning old one and having same driving condition
-cleaned air hose that goes into exhaust manifold - was very clogged, but not 100%
I had a 97 sl2 that had the same issue of shuddering when holding any speed above 25... The egr was replaced and eventually the front O2 sensor.. The O2 seemed to have fixed it. I think it has something to do with how it commands the egr open or closed. The O2 sensor is reporting that there isn't too much exhaust gasses coming into the motor so it allows more egr which causes the car to lean out but the faulty O2 doesn't see this so it doesn't report it. The check engine light rarely came on and when it did it was a code for egr improper flow..
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