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Default Re: Another S-Series or Ion?

Don't mean to hijack the first post, but I have the same question.

I have a 96 SL1 that's rusting out at the undercarriage (I live in Upstate NY, so 'nuff said) that I don't want to, but may have to part with.

I found a 2001 SL1, 128K miles for $2995 that I'm thinking about (depending on the CarFax), and a 2007 Ion 2 with 68K miles for $3,625.

Pretty strapped for cash so that's about my affordability limit and the insurance company is going to give me $1100 to total my SL1 based on the rust condition (I haven't gotten a repair estimate yet, but I presume it's pretty hefty and more than the $1100).

Replace the Saturn or repair the SL1? If replacing, do you recommend the Ion or the SL1?
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