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Dizzy Random misfire codes

Need help please. I have acquired a 2001 L300. I'm having several problems. I'm getting random misfire codes (don't remember which ones). The car runs like crap at idle however once you give it some gas it seems to clear up and hit on all 6 cylinders. The service engine soon light along with the wrench light are both on. Both bank coil packs have been replaced along with spark plugs and intake gaskets. My gas and temp gauges will stop reading intermittently along with the tach and sometimes the speedometer. The ABS light also comes on. What is weird is when the temp gauge is working and the ABS light decides to come on, and then the temp gauge will stop working. I originally thought that it was a ground problem however every ground that I have checked seems to be ok. I've cleaned the battery terminals along with the grounds on the fender apron. At first, the car was running decent and just having the SES light come on and at which time my brother in law went to clear the codes with the engine running, it then died and when he restarted it, is when it really started running bad. I can pull the ECM fuse and the relay on the left kick panel and it seems to make no difference in the way that it runs. I can also disconnect the camshaft sensor and it seems to run the same. At one point, I disconnected the TCM harness and my gauges worked, the car idled, and cranked better however I wasn't able to reproduce that theory with the same results. We first started having problems with the trans shifting funny at which time my mother in law took it to a transmission shop and they replaced the transmission. After the trans was replaced, it would still shift funny every now and then which leads me to believe there was nothing wrong with the original one. At this point, I'm wondering if the ECM or ignition switch is bad.
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