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1995 SL2
Default Need some advice about my 1995 sl2

Very recently I had a dealership (which was formerly a saturn dealership) change my valve cover gasket. I had oil in my spark plug wells, so I was aware that it needed to be changed. Well 3 days later I noticed pools of oil where I parked, so I checked under the hood and what do I find? It appears that the valve cover gasket is now leaking. I contacted the dealership and told them of the problem and they said to bring it back in. Obviously i'm a little annoyed about this as 1)they should've done the work right the first time, and 2) the dealership is about 20 miles from where I there's a travel annoyance as well. I also noticed that i've been getting really bad gas mileage and the vehicle would seem to heat up very quickly if I was in slow moving/city traffic. The dealership also changed something called the temp sensor and connector. I'm wondering if this is the ECTS that they changed, and also wondering if this could contribute to my poor gas mileage. Any advice would be helpful.
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