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2001 SL1
Default 2002 Saturn SL1 5 Speed

Hello everyone!

I am new to Saturn's and I just purchased my first one yesterday on 2/27! Itd a 2001 Saturn SL1 5 Speed manual, and has 200,000 miles even, but has an entirely new head, new camshaft, new valves and valve Springs, new timing chain with new guides and tensioner, serpentine belt, and all gaskets associated with head and valve cover, and it runs good so far! I do have a few general questions that I am hoping you guys could try to answer for me as I am new!

1. I was wondering why my car SOMETIMES idles a little rough? I know it's a broad question but with the new head came a new intake manifold gasket, and it only does it sometimes. Idles between like 300 and 900 rpms and bounces around. Never dies just struggles a little bit and wanted to know if this sounds familiar to anyone else's problem they've solved before.

2. I can't seem to control the car bucking/Jerking in 2nd gear unless i let out the clutch really slowly. If I go from 1st to 2nd and just let the clutch out and get back on the gas, it's like I'm constantly driving over speed bumps. Now I'm not sure if this is due to me hitting the gas pedal on and off as the car shakes, therefore it's induced by me? Or again if this sounds like a familiar problem to any of you long time saturn owners.

3. Also with 200,000 mIles comes typical problems. Was just wondering what people recommend for typical tune up? Is there a specific type of spark plug and spark plug wires I should use? Should I check the ICM or the coils and ways to clean them? Any info is super appreciated, thank you all and I'm so happy to be apart of the Saturn family!
2001 Saturn SL1 5 Speed, 200,000 miles!
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