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2004 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: Anyone have info about swapping 06-07 parts, door panels, gauges, etc., into 04-0

An Enhanced Saturn OBDii scan has manufacturer specific codes with information specific to the manufacturer. This is different from the generic OBDii scan with generic codes for all makes of vehicles. For example, my basic Actron CP9125 scanner will not even scan the generic codes on a Vue. A typically more expensive scanner is required just to scan the Vue. On more expensive scanners, they will also scan the manufacturer codes. An example would be a transmission default code. My Innova 3130 allows you to select "Enhanced Saturn" in addition to "OBDii Generic".

I am still at a loss as to why I lost the ability to run the Enhanced scan on both vehicles, even after swapping the gauges back. The only other electronic swaps were the gas pedal position sensor attached to the redline pedal and the silver bezel and gear indicator around the shifter. I would be surprised if either of these has caused the Enhanced scan to not run.

In regards to the panels, there are differences in the mounting. The 04 has a screw/bolt on the bottom and the 06 has 2 plastic panel retainers on the side of the panel. There may be other differences. I will probably swap one front panel and then one rear panel.
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