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Default Re: Anyone have info about swapping 06-07 parts, door panels, gauges, etc., into 04-0

Thank you for posting that extract. Your reference to number 4 on that list is spot on: "The IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) detects a mismatch between its part number and the vehicle platform configuration."

I did not mention in my post that I switched back to my original cluster and the SVS light no longer lit up but I could still not do the enhanced OBDii scan. When switching back, I noticed number strings on the gauges. The Redline gauge had "50 DRL 06" and mine had "50 DS 04". It appears that they are differentiating by trim level and year. DS may be "Display Standard" and DRL may be "Display RedLine". The 04 and 06 are in reference to the year. It was also interesting that there was not also only a part number but a SERIAL number as well.

So it appears the gauge swap is causing the SVS light and now we know most likely why it is being illuminated. What we don't know is whether it is the difference in the trim level, the year, or just different cluster serial numbers is causing the SVS light to come on.

I suspect if I had access to a GM Tech2 dealer diagnostic tool I could change the information from my gauge over to the Redline gauge. Too bad they are so expensive.
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