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2004 VUE 3.5L
Default Anyone have info about swapping 06-07 parts, door panels, gauges, etc., into 04-05?

Hi All.

I have been registered for a few years but just now am posting. There is a great amount of knowledge here and this forum it is a great resource for any Vue owner. Hopefully this thread may add some information to this resource.

Having access to a wrecked 06 Redline, I have been swapping some parts to my 04 non Redline 3.5. So far, I have put in the black Redline carpet, center console, the leather/suede seats, and the aluminum gas pedal. Non RL specific, I put on the 06 silver/leather shift knob and the silver bezel around the shifter with the lighted gear indicator. I would like to do the door panels too, as IMO they look better than the 04-05.

I really like the RL gauges and put them in. While it worked, it lit the SVS wrench (not the check engine) light for some reason. I had read that others have been successful with not having lights on with their swaps, sometimes even from other GM cars.

Another odd occurrence is that after installing the parts, I can no longer do the enhanced Saturn specific OBDii scan. I had been able to run the Saturn specific scan on both vehicles prior to swapping. This does not affect the ability to have the car smogged as the car just passed the smog test.

This is the list of things that were swapped that were electrical in nature and might have affected the Enhanced OBDii scan: 06 Redline gauge cluster, 06 Redline gas pedal and position sensor, 06 silver bezel around the shifter.

So, I am interested in any info on the gauge SVS light situation, the inability to now do Enhanced Saturn OBDii scans, and the compatibility of the 06-07 door panels in an 04.

If anyone has any questions on what I have done so far, feel free to ask.
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