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2001 SL1
Default Re: 2001 SL1 stalls slowing at a light, restarts again later

Originally posted by fdryer
The security indicator remaining ON means Passlock isn't the reason for your engine starting and stopping. This isn't hearsay. Direct from service manuals.

I have the crankshaft position sensor out. Observation 1, the bolt was not tight. Strike one.

Desk tests:

cold freezer for 10 minutes, 776 ohms
ambient temp, 838 ohms
hot water, steadily rising 850-1100 ohms, then varying. I did a second test, and multiple readings were reporting off scale, wacked numbers strike two.
banging on it kept steady at a high 870

Bullet 3 tells me it's likely the CPS. I have its replacement. It's going into the car now. I'll have strike three or a home run to report shortly.

I'm reviewing previous notes, too.

I have a Konnwei OBD-II and there are no codes registering or saved. It's a unit I can trust, one that has registered codes in the past.

Originally posted by fdryer
Service and security lights remaining on just means two separate issues.
It's clear I've been getting bad crankshaft position sensor readings, so there's no healthy heartbeat, systems are shut down, and the car won't start. It would start if the CPS weren't wacked out. The relearn was performed, uh, accurately and correctly, giving proper confirmation feedback to the operator-owner-mechanic. Until the CPS issue is fixed and the heartbeat is established, the system cannot get its proper CPS sensor readings, so all else is futile until then.

That makes sense. Let's see if that's the case.

Re: fuel pressure gauges

Never having used one, I Googled and YouTubed it. Is fuel getting inside the gauge? Is there an air bubble between the gauge and the highest point of the fuel in that part of the tubing?

Thank you.
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