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2001 SL1
Default Re: 2001 SL1 stalls slowing at a light, restarts again later

I decided to bypass Passlock, following instructions on this site and Google searches.

I pulled the yellow wire from the Passlock connector, leaving the black wire and white wires in place. I put a 5-something K ohm resistor from the black wire end to the yellow wire end, did the thirty minute relearn:
  1. turn on,
  2. blink for 10 minutes,
  3. stop blinking,
  4. shut off for five to ten seconds,
  5. turn on,
rinse and repeat until the SERVICE and SECURITY lights went out. At this point I'm thinking I have my car back.

So I started the car, drove around the neighborhood for a shakedown test, but it stalled eight or so minutes into the drive. Fortunately I was close enough to home I was able to coast to the front of my house.

Does the resistor value need to be a particular value? Mine isn't matching the list of acceptable ohm values and that's what's got it thinking I'm stealing the car? I think I remember reading that there were limited number of unique values expected and allowed.

I'm researching "bypass Passlock still stalling." I haven't found anything yet.
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