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2001 SL1
Default 2001 SL1 stalls slowing at a light, restarts again later

I read through this post, about Saturns approaching stop lights and stalling:
It seems to summarize a lot of my story now, even though it wasn't me, and it was written twelve years ago. Everything changes, but nothing changes.
; - )

Then I read this post about a Saturn stalling issue with this possible PassLock cause:
My car is a basic 2001 Saturn SL1 DOHC (automatic) with 190,000 miles on it. It's the simple key, and it was recut by a locksmith with the correct code to accurately cut the key like brand new, so there is no wear on the edges of the key.

Yesterday it stopped while slowing for a light. It sat for a few hours, it started, and I was able to get 90% of the way home before it stalled again while slowing down for another light. It had been able to run for about five to ten minutes. This afternoon, having pushed it home last night, it was able to start again in front of the house.

Cranking just following its stalling offers an interesting clue-let, maybe. At the *very* end of the unsuccessful crankings, as I let go of the key to stop cranking, I swear it *ju-u-u-st* starts to possibly, *maybe* think about playing nicely and start, but doesn't.

I've started getting warning chimes as I'm leaving the vehicle, and it has to do with the ignition switch position not being in its fully off position. I either jiggle it by hand, or I put the key in and jiggle it, and somewhere I feel a spring switch engage, I can remove the key, and there's no more tone anymore. I mention this because of the PassKey issue noted above. I remember someone else mention that his mother-in-law was having difficulty removing the key from the ignition switch, which I've also experienced since the warning chimes started. I wonder if the slight difficulty in removing the key from the ignition is suddenly a smoking gun, but... I don't know enough to know.

As best as I can remember, lots of the usual parts have been replaced:
  • Intake manifold gasket
  • Engine coolant temp sensor (the good one) ECTS
  • Thermostat (the good one)
  • Crankshaft position sensor CPS
  • Plugs
  • Throttle position sensor TPS
  • Fuel pump
  • Radiator

Oil is okay. It loves consuming oil, but that not news to anyone. I had a tech recently replace the AC compressor. Coolant level is at its low, okay level. Plug wires have not been replaced.

The EGR has been removed once in the past for cleaning. The engine was run to blast some carbon. I did mine for a about ten seconds. I read here where others have run theirs with the EGR pulled for a minute. Maybe I should have let it run for sixty. I even did the *two coins* gasket for a period of time.

Weeks ago on about a half dozen, random occasions it was hesitating and jerking when I gave it light acceleration, but not all accelerations. I saw the dashboard *check engine* light would temporarily glow during these hesitation-jerking periods, but no code was ever saved into memory when I checked it—that seemed odd. Certainly it should register something. Ten minutes ago I rechecked the OBDII memory for saved or stored codes and there was nothing. This hesitation jerking reminds me of EGR symptoms others have said they've had.

Can the OBDII sensor and app be running and capturing data while those hesitation-jerking periods are happening? I never know when they're going to happen, but if I run my app while driving and I can get the data I need, it will have been worth the effort. Of course I wouldn't allow my self to be distracted by the app: I'd keep focused on my driving.

I was considering it to be an intermittent CPS crankcase position sensor, it possibly still could be an intermittent CPS, but I'm not sure.

I'm thinking three possibilities:
  1. PassLock
  2. CPS
  3. EGR

What I'm hoping for is to be able to explain enough of the symptoms here to get some ideas on what tests I can do to confirm the cause instead of throwing money at parts and trying to guess.

I've learned a lot from you guys by listening and doing the hard work in the past. I don't expect this time to be any different. I don't expect it to be much fun while I'm doing it, but afterwards, when it's working again, I always remember how quickly I end up feeling like the king of the universe.

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