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Default Re: 2003 AWDV6 fluid seepage at tranny pan & oil pan

Originally Posted by saturnhacker
leakage is not normal. in fact, the manual says that you dont have to change or add fluid under normal use. btw this uses a "special" atf that you have to get from saturn. have the dealer fix the leak. cant speak to the slow shifting, but i'm always skeptical when the dealer calls abnormalities "normal".

Not entirely true. The Magnuson-Moss Wattanty Act states that if a manufacturer requires a specific brand product (not a specific RATING) then it must be provided to the customers free of charge. Example: The trans fluid for the Honda 5 speed auto in the 04 & 05 carries a Specific Saturn part #. HOWEVER, the owners manual specifically states that the spec is Honda Z1. You can use any fluid that meets the Z1 spec and have no warranty issues. Last I checked, Saturn ain't giving away trans fluid.

Also, the Honda aluminum castings have issues with "casting porosity". Honda considers this normal. (Though many of us would argue the point) They can and do ooze fluid. Not to the point of "dripping" just a "wet" spot. The fix? According to Honda, clean the affected area, bring the area to operating temp and apply a thin layer of epoxy sealer I am dead serious.
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