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2008 SKY Red Line
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I have a 2008 Sky redline. The top down eats up most of the trunk space. With it down I can get very little in there. Maybe an over night bag or two-soft ones. When up I can get a fair amount of 1/2 full paper grocery bags and a couple 12 packs of Root beer.

They have manual tops which seems to offend many people for some stupid reason. The operation is simple and only takes a minute or so. I prefer the simplicity compared to some mechanical mess like the Miata my friend has.

The seats slide forward, up & down and recline. They don't move in any direction very far. I'm 6' tall so my seat is all the way back so I can work the clutch. If you are shorter the seat will move forward but there's very little room behind the seat in the pocket. Good for some magazines or maps. My longest trip has been from Houston, TX to Huntsville, AR and it was not uncomfortable at all. The seats are nice.

So far I've done no maintenance myself but have had the oil changed and all at a dealership. I now have 41k miles and will be going to the dealer soon for the recall on the ign switch and a well baby visit. The engine compartment is not as hard to get around as it looks. Changing the battery is a drag as the R front fender has to be removed. It's only a matter of about 9 bolts but not hard.

If you get a chance to drive one you will love the car in spite of it's few faults. It's not a car to go shopping in, take long overnight trips or haul kids around. It's a sporty car to enjoy the open road and have fun. People buy them and get disappointed because they can't do the monthly grocery shopping or pack suitcases to go visit grandma. It is what it is and for that purpose it's amazing! It's a head turner and be prepared to answer lots of questions from interested folks when you get gas or stop anywhere.

I get great joy driving it and the relief from a hectic life.
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