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2007 VUE 3.5L
Default 2007 3.5L V6 AWD Oxygen Sensor

Just replaced bank 1 sensor 1, the oxygen sensor that is tucked in-between the engine and the firewall. Interestingly the wiring was damaged, including one broken wire. No idea how that happened! Didn't find any write-ups so thought I'd throw a couple quick notes in here.

I was able to do all the work from the topside, but the best way to get a look at this o2 sensor is from underneath. I used an inspection mirror quite a bit to see the sensor from the top.

1) I'd recommend spraying the o2 sensor AND the electrical connection with your favorite lubricant before starting.

2) Loosen the various bits on the air intake so you can rotate it out of the way.

3) Get a good look at the electrical connection, from underneath, or up top with an inspection mirror. There is a tab facing the firewall that has to be depressed and then the socket can be pulled out. This is exceptionally difficult.

Getting two hands on the connection is hard enough, but mine did not want to come out despite a lot of coaxing. Finally I ended up getting a pair of vice grips on the connector and that gave me the leverage to pull it out.

4) Use an oxygen sensor socket to remove the old sensor.

5) Replace with new sensor.

6) Plug it in.

Overall pretty easy, except for the frustration of getting the connector unplugged. Take a deep breath and be prepared for battle! Or maybe yours will be easy.
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