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2002 SC2
Default Low Compression #4, P0304 Code

Yet another low compression thread, sorry.
Car is a 2002 SC2 DOHC 1.9, manual trans, has just under 200K miles.
I came at this problem kinda backwards. It was throwing the P0304 code and my inspection sticker was coming up so I needed to get it fixed to pass inspection.
Replaced plugs and wires, IAC valve, EGR. Code persists. Replaced coil, no change. Replaced ICM, no change. Swapped fuel injectors for #4 and cylinder next to it, #3? No change. No oil in spark plug tubes. OK, tiny amount.
Finnally checked compression, engine cold. All cylinders peaked in pressure after about 5 seconds or less of cranking.
#1, 160psi
#2, 150psi
#3, 150psi
#4, 60psi.

OK, clearly that's my P0304 problem. I have not done a leak down test to determine if it's valves or rings. I suspect valve.(s) It does use oil but I don't think I'm burning it. I think it's leaking. There is no noticeable blue smoke.
So... at 200K miles I am REALLY not interested in putting in an engine, or replacing a head. But if I have to have a valve job done then I will.
Is there a quick and dirty way to make the P0304 code go away long enough to get the inspection sticker? If I unplug the #4 fuel injector will it stop throwing that code?
Thanks for any info!

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