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Dizzy Odd Engine Questions

Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone has ever torn down a Vue engine to have a look inside. I am hoping the Vue Redline has a MDX motor which has a forged crank and rods opposed to a Odyssey motor which does not. I have been digging around trying to find a clear answer what Honda motor they actually used in the Vue Redline. In 2003 the MDX upgraded to a motor with 265hp (J35A5) which was really 253hp after the everything went SAE. I am pretty sure GM uses all SAE measurements so the L66 is pretty close to the MDX (J35A5). The L66 was released in 2004 (correct me if I am wrong) while the Odyssey did not get a new motor until 2005 going from J35A4 to J35A6. While the Odyssey was rated for 255hp from the factory it fell to 244whp after SAE standards. Does anyone know if all the Vue Redlines came with AWD. I am pretty sure Honda uses the forged internals for all the AWD versions of the J35. I was hoping to use the internals from a Vue engine to stroke my 3.0 Accord engine (J30A4) to a 3.3.
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