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Default Re: How to reset the low tire pressure sensor on 2008 saturn vue

Originally Posted by thimmaker View Post
Iv'e had the left rear go low twice now and just pumping it back up to 31 gets rid of the light. The Chrysler 300 that i had needed a long drawn out process like the Outlook owner above described.
Just a general comment gleaned from 40+ years of owning cars: if you have a tire that is low (tire pressure) then you probably have a problem and should have the tire checked. You can try adding air but if it goes down again then you definitely have a problem and you really, really should have the tire checked and fixed! By the way, I am talking reductions of tire pressure of more than 5 to 8 psi here. Yep, I've been wacked by the 'bad tire' problem a couple of times and now I just don't give it much chance. Low tire pressure (e.g. less than 20 psi) usually means something wrong. I get no thrill out of changing a tire on an interstate!

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