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Default License plate lights

Just thought I'd share this one and see if anyone else had the similar experience?

A couple weeks ago I was pulled over by a cop for not having the license plate lights on. The next day I put new bulbs in each holder (there are two on my '96 SL) and figured that would be the end of it. pulled over again by a different cop. Same problem.

Checking it out the following day and it appeared that the wiring broke off from a light blue plastic connection module on the left side of the trunk. The wires snapped off after years of flexing slightly when opening and closing the trunk.

After wasting some time examining the module, it did not look like it was going to be easy to reconnect the wires to the internal pin and socket connectors inside it. I even cut an access port into the thing with a Dremel tool so that I could connect the wires to it internally, which would have worked, but then my soldering pen didn't have the heat to make a good solder joint. So I ended up just cutting the module out and wiring everything up directly. One interesting thing was that both plate lights were on separate circuits once you get past the module on the trunk end of things, so that you can, in theory, control either of them independently. I did not understand the need for that, so I wired them both up together.
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