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Default EGR Code Keeps Coming Back

Alright, first I guess I'll introduce the car. Its a 1998 SL2 5 speed with 236xxx on the odometer. I picked it up at 212xxx and have since put on an alternator, water pump, plugs, wires, air filter, coolant temperature sensor (brass), iat sensor, iac, fuel filter, motor mount, dog bone, o2 sensor, pcv valve, tps, and of course regular oil changes. I've also run two bottles of seafoam through the tank and one through the intake. Now on the to the problem. I replaced the EGR valve about 5 months ago. Around two month ago my check engine light came on again and turned out to be the egr. I swapped out the egr valve for a new one (yay warranty) and it was fine. Now it's starting to act as though the valve is getting stuck again and the check engine light comes on randomly. Does anyone have a clue what the underlying problem could be for my egr valves getting stuck. I did notice that when I pulled off the first new one it was disgusting with carbon and all gunked up. Do you guys think cleaning the valve and running more seafoam might help? Someone please help me here. I really love this little car. It's been great to me and even though it's a DOHC it's gotten as high as 45mpg highway in the summertime.
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