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2004 VUE 3.5L
Default Rear Hatch unlocking/locking problems...

I have been having some issues with not only the rear hatch but the passenger side front locks. The locks don't seem to be as snappy and easy to open as once was so. The rear hatch is the biggest problem currently. I removed the inside panel and got the door open. I removed the actuator for inspection, and I then reassembled the whole thing. It seems to make a bit of a noise when I hit the keyfob, but the lock is just not opening.

Since it works sometime and sometimes not, I'm assuming that the issue may just be a lack of a good lube in the actuators.

Can anyone confirm if this is a good place to start or any other ideas? Also, what is procedure for this... Assuming I spray WD40 and let it take off the old junk and then wipe excess off and apply a white lithium grease such as:

Does this sound like a good start just to see if its a basic problem?

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