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Default Re: kenwood radio hardwired

Thanks for the advice. and yes when i cut the wires there was a tad bit of spark. i've done this before but was just trying to hurry because like i said i didn't have much time. if it would have popped a fuse which one would it be? and if i'm going to run a wire straight to my battery what gauge would the wire have to be? I believe that you guys may be correct, i don't have power running through my constant but i'm going to check it and will get back to you. i've never gotten harnesses before. This saturn i have isn't really in the best shape. the transmission gets confused sometimes and for some reason the service engine light soon comes on and there is really no where i can take it to get it looked at being that it's OB1. I really appreciate the advice and i'm really sorry for coming off as a prude but i had a bad day yesterday. anyway i'll check it with a meter quick and get back to you guys. Thank you!
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