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Default 06 ION loss of power and shifts hard

I have an 06 Ion automatic with a 2.2 engine. It has 54000 miles, and I bought it 1k miles ago, so I don't have much history with the car. It's been short on power...primarily in first gear. If you stomp on it, it's slow to accellerate and holds the gear pretty long....and then will eventually shift hard if you keep the gas on it, or if you let up, it will then shift relatively smoothly. It threw a P1818 engine code this morning as I was trying to accellerate out of 1st gear....which appears to be a "MFG Control Transmission" code...which doesn't mean too much to me. I tried putting Lucas fuel injector cleaner in it, and have a fuel filter to put in it...but am wondering if I'm wasting my time with knowing that a P1818 type code doesn't appear to have anything to do with Fuel. This issue has been on and off since I bought the car, but has become more prevalent as of late...and almost always happens with the car is cold. Anyone have any suggestions on how the best way to approach this code? I don't want to go into the dealer with a blank check. The guy at autozone said it might be able to be plugged into a computer and "re-tuned" for $50, but thought I'd get some more viable advice. THANKS IN ADVANCE for anyone advice or experience....

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