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Default Re: Does my 2006 Saturn Ion even HAVE a camshaft position sensor?

I replaced the ignition control module about 2 years ago when I had a MASSIVE misfire problem. Car undrivable problem. I replaced the coil pack at the same time. The last time my mechanic was out (a month ago) his engine checker said a sensor was faulty. I just couldn't remember if it was a camshaft or crankshaft. (During that visit he helped me fix the vacuum leak and get a stuck spark plug out and replace all four but that is all the money I had for a fix at the time)

I've been getting the random misfire code for a long time now. Like a year or so. The main problem has been that while driving slowly, or when coming to a stop, the car's battery light would come on, the car would die, and I just had to turn the key to off and restart it. I think a lot of that was the vacuum leak. It started up fine every time until a week ago when it stalled out and wouldn't restart. I had to have it pushed into a parking lot and was about to leave it there but after pushing on the gas pedal a bunch of times and cranking it it started back up again.

Now the car is back to starting up again and driving fine (I think it may be haunted) but I would rather it not stall out again where it needs to be pushed out of the road again. I believe that the crankshaft is the problem because of the code my mechanic got last time.

So thank you for clearing up the fact that there is no camshaft sensor. Or maybe on different cars they are the same thing with a different name? I'm gonna replace the crankshaft sensor and see how that goes and when I have the money I'll get an extra ICM and just have it in the car just in case.

I didn't need a mechanic to replace the coil pack and ICM. That was easy.
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