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1994 SL2
Default Re: Gas gauge empty, stalls, steering brakes hard to manage, starts up afterwards

I imagine that engine vibration at lower speeds is causing a loose cable or cable connection to go open-circuit and thus you loose power as if you turned the key off.

When I was a mechanic, this was common on all brands of cars when a novice would install aftermarket stereo equipment and didn't put the wiring back on the connectors quite right or tight enough.

Check for corrosion at each end of the battery cables, both where the connector attaches to it's mount, and where the cable goes into the connector. Do this at every BIG wire you see under the hood.

The other thing might be a failing ignition switch due to age, overload, or too heavy a key ring hanging on the ignition key. Replacing the ignition switch is easy. Try turning the key around 180 degrees on the key ring, especially if you have a key with the hole drilled off-center. This will cause the weight of your key ring to pull differently on the key as it rides in the ignition switch cylinder.

If these things don't cure your problem, then you're probably looking for a bad connection within the workiings of a fuse box either under the hood or under the dash.

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