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1995 SC2
1995 SC2
Default Re: Intermitent Starting

This may or may not be your problem at 75K miles, but per Oldnuc, who is no longer with us (RIP) the brushes in the starters wear out. This can be temporarily be solved by hitting the starter with a block of wood, since it's non-magnetic, hitting the starter with wood will help free up the brushes. I've actually used this trick on conveyer belt motors to get them to run until a new motor could be installed. The non-start issue occurs with a warm engine, and goes away when the engine is cold, which matches your symptoms.

The ECTS may also be an issue as has been mentioned above, I've resolved non-start issues by replacing the ECTS.

For good measure, make sure to clean corrosion from the battery terminals and the negative and positive leads at the negative connection to the engine on top of the transmission and the positive connection at the UHJB (Underhood Junction Box).

For future easy replacement of the starter, instead of using the bolts, replace them with studs, I believe they are 8mm x 1.25 (same as intake/Exhaust), and use corresponding nuts to secure the starter. It's harder to do this in-car rather than having the engine on a stand, but it's do-able in car and you can more easily mate the starter to studs than find the bolt holes for the starter while under the car.

As for the high idle, could be a vacuum leak, but solve the starting problem first.

As fdryer pointed out DB electrical as a source for good starters, I'm running one of their alternators in my SC2 right now, and many other members can vouch for their reliability.
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