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Default Intermitent Starting

2000 SW - 75K miles Automatic

My Saturn has been having starting issues. It starts up every morning no issues. If I drive for about 30 minutes and leave it parked for 30 or so minutes it wont start. All lights come on and all it does is "click" sound. If I wait for 30 or so minutes it will start up just fine. It started doing this about 2 weeks ago. The check engine light is NOT on.

I can't seem to narrow down a pattern with the issue. It ALWAYS starts in the morning. I read in this forum that it's probably the ECTS or CPS. Thoughts?

I had the battery and Alt, checked and all is fine. I was also having trouble with the key and ignition tumbler sticking. I bought a replacement but havent put it in yet. I don't think that is the issue but since it sticks from time to time I'm going to replace it.

On a side note.... sometimes when I put it in park it idles higher than normal, that is intermittent as well.

Thank you in advance for your help and thoughts.
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