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Default Electrical - Whining Noise

A couple months ago I drained the battery listening to music while washing my car. Before the car died I heard a few clicking sounds and boom dead. I jumped the car and came back on but a weird whining sound was coming from the engine compartment. I let it be and the next day car started right up ran fine even went to Colorado on a trip from Idaho.

Well the noise came back and I let it be and on the second day I was driving to work and the dash lights went all crazy and the car died on me and this time I couldn't even jump it. The battery was toast, so I did some diagnosing and installed a new alternator, that maybe I shorted it out and the whining sound sounded like it was coming from alternator. However, the sounds is still there and it seems like the car wants to die after a few seconds of it being on.

Anyone know what it could be? 2008 XR AWD
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