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Default Re: Should I junk my '08 Astra?

Originally Posted by DDLuken View Post

I'm looking for advice on what to do with my 170,000+ Astra, which is in need of a number of repairs (new clutch and slave cylinder, various suspension components, new flex pipe, full brake job, and new windshield to satisfy Rhode Island vehicle inspection). I was quoted $2-3,000 (or maybe more) for all repairs, by a trusted mechanic. He advised me, however, against having it repaired, considering the mileage on the engine, and the make of the car (in his humble opinion). I decided to purchase a new car, but it breaks my heart a little to think of junking this otherwise healthy car which has given me very few problems over the years. I would appreciate any thoughts folks might have. What would you do in my shoes?

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IMHO, 3K for all repairs is actually an awesome price considering all that items you listed that needs to be done!
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