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Default Re: Fuel Pump Service Port Mod

Originally Posted by ProOpel View Post
hey man. It's not straightforward indeed, but if you're careful it's way much easier than dropping the tank and all the other components requiring to access the pump and it will save users tons of money.

I just didn't want to do all that work that would have taken half a day without a car lift. I was on the road within a couple hours, but we could have finished it off much earlier had we not accidentally cut the wires.

By the way, I just got the new motor fuel pump in my old assembly, and will be testing it soon. I purchased a cheap $17 255LPH fuel pump motor (only the motor) to replace the faulty one in the system. It came with a filter, and a few bits. I was able to re-used the hoses in the pump and all fit perfectly. Only issue is I dropped the little motor to the ground (1ft height) so I hope I didn't damage it!

But if this additional mod works, you can save even more $$ as you will only have to replace the motor and filter instead of having to purchase the whole pump assembly which goes for $200-$300 when only a few things need to be replaced. It ain't worth it.,

I plan to take a video if this works.

Please post it if you do. There are certain design aspects of cars which I simply don't understand, and this arrangement with the fuel pump has to be one of them.

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