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Default Re: L200 2002 won't stay on running

thanks for the info and advice- everything you say makes sense and is spot on, the repair shop doesn't handle Saturn cars too much and they are guessing. There is a GM Malouf repair shop nearby me, I will prob take there if/when the repair shop can't determine the problem. Unfortunately the GM place is quite expensive and I was trying to get a quick inexpensive repair, well...I learned.
Yes, the wrench and service engine lights are on, and this does seem like this is security related somehow. Also my key FOB stopped working about 6 months ago, but when I opened it up there was a bit of battery corrosion in there, cleaned it, and replaced the battery. It started working again but then stopped during the really cold weather. I can use the FOB to unlock the doors, but it won't lock the doors and beep, I have to hit the button on the inside of door to lock doors and then close the door. So I thought the FOB was just old and corroded, but will see if that is related to somehow to this issue.
I'll follow up if/when the problem is found, and will let you know
thanks again for your advice and info-
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