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Default Re: Relay Trailer Towing

I think you need the towing package to pull the maximum weight of 3500 lbs., otherwise you may actually have a limit of about 2000 lbs, - but I dont know for sure.

One thing to keep in mind is that a tow package includes more than just a hitch. I can't remember everything included in the Relay tow package, but at a minimum I think it includes a 4 pin harness and an oil cooler and a heavier duty cooling system, but I could be wrong. I don't think it included a tranny cooler. I am sure someone around here knows exactly what is included.

That being said, if you are only towing a total of 1000 lbs you should be just fine, but assuming you don't have the load leveling you must keep the tongue weight to a minimum. The engine will tow that little weight just fine, but you will probably notice it running hotter in stop and go traffic and up longer grades as you don't have the extra cooling options. If the rear end of the van is noticeably lower or bottoms out when you are towing, you will need to get some type of air struts/ shock package or you will ruin your suspension. After market type would be fine, any reputable shop can guide you in the right direction.

We also had our local Saturn dealer install the hitch, it is a class 2 and looks great. Assuming you are OK with a class 2 hitch, I would go with what the dealer installs. I don't know about your dealer, but it was price competitive and nearly all of the bar is hidden behind the bumper and it looks great. It won't be a rusty eye sore below my bumper in a few years.
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