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Default Re: 2003 ION an oil change, now my engine is shot

Originally Posted by grindstevehxc View Post
All right, last thursday i got an oil change and saturday evening my car is breaking down.

Sounded like it was an alternator problem but the auto shop told me that they removed the valve cover only to find the top of the engine was lacking oil and that the cam bearings melted out.

The place i got the oil change done at used to use quaker state filters but now they switched to "performax" oil filters. The filter didn't have any kind of rubber ring on it like usual filters do.

I'm wondering if that is a bum filter or something, or if they messed something up when they were doing the oil change.

any thoughts, suggestions? i'd really appreciate it, i don't wanna pay $5,000 or get a new car.
was any oil left in the car or did it leak out somehow?
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