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Default Re: ABS making grinding noises

Ok, let me fill in some blanks then.

The brake pads are fine. They have less than 4000 miles on them. They were replaced by a dealer, and have and continue to operate fine under normal conditions with very solid braking power. The ABS failure started about 500 miles ago.

I know what ABS is supposed to feel like. It was operating properly prior. Now, instead of feeling that pulsating, I don't feel anything different about the brakes when the ABS is on or off except a bit of vibration which clocks itself with the grinding noise. Nowhere near enough resistance or movement to classify itself as pulsing. The car DOES skid in snow or ice, (I understand ABS or not this can happen) but instead of feeling the ABS pulsing, I simply hear the grinding noise.

I've tested this NUMEROUS times in the snow. I know it's bad. My previous comment was that I can't trigger the ABS failure while examining the ABS system externally to see what is going on.

I also notice that sometimes, I will get a few pulses out of the system the first time it kicks in, but this behavior generally stops after the first few times it kicks in (It was snowy out here, so the ABS got a lot of abuse)

More info:
Recently, the car has been stuck in two snow drifts (Snow plows created barriers of snow too high for the car to get over, had to be dug out) and it has spun out once after being tapped by another car on an onramp. None of these seemed to cause any visible damage to the tires, brakes, or general drivetrain, but the ABS stopped working around this time.
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