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1999 SL2
Wrench Which EGR passageway should I clean?

I read on a post here once before, though can't find it now, that you should keep debris out of one of the EGR passageways/tubes.

I've had a lot of rough idle lately and I cleaned the EGR valve, which has helped some, but not a lot so I'm going to clean it again. I haven't cleaned the actual tube yet, and was wondering if I needed to clean out both tubes or just one?

I plan on spraying some carb cleaner down the tubes, letting it sit for awhile, then using a gun cleaner brush to break up the deposits hopefully.

There are some good instructions on here about how to clean the EGR valve itself (especially Richpin's), but haven't been able to find anything good on the passageway/tube.

'99 Saturn, 159000 miles.
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