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Default Re: Can elec. prob. cause no reverse cond.?

Originally Posted by tacinc1 View Post
For this 2000 SL1 auto. tran. SOHC, I've put on 3 valve bodies and two
input shaft nuts. It is perfect in forward gears. Had reverse slam before I started. Did Wolfmans fix etc... No reverse. Someone said that I should have
reverse even if the elec. connector on top of the valve body was unpluged.
Or can the wires on the disc on side of the tran. under the brake fluid or the
selector disc it's self cause a no reverse? Tks....
Ok did you lose reverse after you tried the reverse slam cure but before you started replacing valve bodies and nuts?

Or did you lose reverse after reverse slam failed to cure the problem and you started replacing valve bodies and input shaft nuts?
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