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Driving home from work last night the ION gave me an interesting experience. Its quick for an automatic. The little "pot pie" steering wheel feels strange. I love the wheel on both my wife's LW300 and even my steering wheel on the VUE feels more substantial. I can't imagine senior citizens liking the small "rice boy" steering wheel on this ION. The center gauge display is nice especially the illumination. However it feels weird to not have something lighted directly in front of you while driving at night. A couple of times I felt as if my lights were not on until I cocked my head to the right and picked up the instrument panel. I guess I'm one of those people who likes to easily see my speed rpm's gauges etc. The only downside to the loaner was the fact that it had about a quarter of a gallon of gas in it when I got it. Can't complain...I put 5 bucks of unleaded in it and will drive it for the next 2 days until my leather is put into the VUE. Would I purchase the ION? Not over my VUE..but I'd consider it as an inexpensive alternative to the wife's LW300. I'd have to purchase the lowest base model without any bells and whistles as I feel that is the best way to enjoy this ride. Simplicity and value.
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